Expert Witness

What is an Expert Witness?

An witness is a person who has information which may be useful in a case being heard in a Court. This information is called evidence. Giving evidence is sometimes called testifying. You may be asked to be a witness in the Federal Court of Australia because of your specialist knowledge, this is called being an ‘expert witness’.

How can we help?

Our team has the experience and knowledge to measure and monitor noise at your home or business.

A&AS are able to undertake measurements of unwanted noise emissions, set noise limits and define if the noise is in exceedance or unreasonable as per the appropriate EPA legislation, guidelines or Australian and international Standards.

A&AS has the ability to test and monitor compliance with the relative legislation by use of unmanned noise loggers with audio and spectral analysis capabilities. This will provide real-time data on how loud a noise was, for what duration and at what time of the day or night.

We can provide you with an acoustic report for submission to your local authority or to assist with mediation. The acoustic report can also be submitted as expert witness testimony.

In many cases the legislation and method of measurement is complex due to the scientific nature. We recommend having our engineers assist in presenting the acoustic report in court and field any questions to avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

For further understanding of the requirements of an expert witness please visit the following page regarding witnesses and witness statements on the VCAT website.

Audiometric & Acoustic Services provides expert evidence and advice including the following: 

A&AS provide expert evidence and advice including:

  • Approvals and Appeals
  • Civil Litigation, Arbitration and Conciliation matters
  • Workers Compensation matters
  • Commissions of Inquiry

Our fields of expertise include sources of noise and vibration:

  • Music Venues
  • Industrial noise from factories and mechanical plant and machinery
  • Noise from adjacent apartments or townhouses including impact and airborne sources
  • Residential plant including AC condensers and pool pumps.
  • Kitchen extraction from restaurants and eateries
  • Disputes with builders and developers

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