Architectural Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics

Building & Architectural Acoustics

Architectural acoustics covers noise within commercial buildings and dwellings. Unwanted noise can come from many places. It may be external such as aircraft, traffic or rail noise. It can be transmitted through walls and ceilings from neighbouring tenancies. Or it can come from internal services such as wastewater pipes or mechanical services such as air conditioning units. Sometimes unwanted noise can even be from excessive reverberation (echo) within an area with a large amount of hard surfacing such a café, bar, community centre or indoor swimming pool area.

A habitable space requires acoustical considerations in the form of room finishes and furnishings, wall (vertical) and floor/ceiling (horizontal) assemblies, interior geometry, window and door selection, speech privacy, exterior façade component selection, and control of noise from building systems.

We analyse sound transmission, reverberation, vibration, absorption, diffusion, reflection, and other architecturally related acoustic concerns and are usually retained by an owner, developer, architect, facilities directors and other engineers to help enhance the acoustical environment.

Our goal on every project is to achieve a healthy balance between the varying elements of acoustical design.

Through effective communication and reference to the technical provisions established by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), ISO and Australian Standards we are able to provide an acoustical design suitable for the planned use of the space.

We are able to provide testing and assessments of noise and acoustics in Melbourne, Victoria and New South Wales.

Our project experience includes

  • Residential: units and townhouses
  • Sports venues: arenas, swimming pool and indoor basketball courts
  • Office spaces, open plan offices, office buildings tenancy fit outs
  • Call centres
  • Hospitals and healthcare buildings
  • Retail, commercial and industrial
  • Educational facilities and classrooms
  • Multi-purpose facilities
  • Food courts and Cafeterias
  • Cinema and Recording Studio Design
  • Building acoustics

Areas of work include

  • Full acoustic services from concept design to practical completion
  • Acoustic testing onsite – walls, floors, windows, ventilation, service noise etc
  • Building Code (BCA/NCC) compliance and certification
  • External noise and vibration control
  • Sound insulation of building elements
  • Town planning permit compliance
  • Acoustic privacy for speech and music
  • Advanced 3D modelling of room acoustics
  • Building services design
  • Design of walls, floors and ceilings to control noise between spaces
  • Reduction of reverberation (echo)
  • Compliance with all relevant standards/guidelines

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