Industrial Noise

Industrial Noise

Industrial Noise Testing and Assessment

Compliance of industrial noise control with the various EPA Policies in the Eastern States is the main focus of our work in this field.

Sources dealt with are many and varied from commercial and operational noise including factories, car washes, water treatment plants, music venues as well as noisy mechanical plant including kitchen extraction fans, car-stackers and HVAC systems.

The EPA provides legislation that must be complied with at all times. You may find you are annoyed by noise from nearby local industry or your company may be required to comply with the EPA legislation due to complaints or as part of the planning permit process for a new or expanding business.

Among others, in Victoria you may be asked by your local Council to comply with the Environment Protection Regulations and the EPA Publication 1826.4 ‘Noise limit and assessment protocol for the control of noise from commercial, industrial and trade premises and entertainment venues’ which replaces the EPA SEPP N-1.

In NSW the relevant Policy would be the NSW EPA Noise Policy for Industry (2017).

Compliance is normally met by comparing the effective noise levels emitted to a limit derived by a combination of zoning and ambient background sound levels.

Our team can assist with noise and vibration measurements and provide a comprehensive report to be submitted to any objectors or Responsible Authorities (local Council).

The reports can provide recommendations for noise control including noise barriers and any upgrades to current construction of buildings.

If you are located in a country location our noise logging devices can upload data via the mobile network to be managed by our team on a computer’s browser application. See our Noise and Vibration Monitoring Page for further information on our equipment.

Audiometric and Acoustic Services can provide noise testing and assessment of industrial noise in Melbourne, Victoria and New South Wales.

Expert witness needs are met with appearances at VCAT and Court appearances as required.

A&AS provide prompt vibration and noise monitoring services to Melbourne, Victoria, and New South Wales.

Our services include the following:

  • Noise and vibration measurements
  • Response to EPA improvement notices
  • Industrial noise control management plans
  • Onsite noise measurement
  • Long- and short-term noise logging including audio and octave band analysis
  • Noise impact assessments for proposed developments (industrial, commercial, trade)
  • Computer noise modelling and prediction of noise levels received at noise sensitive areas such as residential dwellings
  • Assessment of Sleep disturbance criteria
  • Noise and vibration management
  • Cost effective noise management solutions
  • Industrial noise surveys and assessments regarding OHS / WHS standards
  • Advice and training for use and selection of workplace hearing protection

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