Music and VenueNoise

Music and Venue Noise

Music and Venue Noise

With high density inner city living becoming more prevalent around Melbourne a focus has become apparent to protect both music venues and nearby residents from music noise. This is a hot topic for developers and live music activists alike with the introduction of “Agent of Change”.

Council will likely require the developer or proposed music venue to ensure the Victorian Planning Provisions and the requirements of the EPA legislation are met as part of planning permit applications or existing venues receiving complaints.

A&AS are able to help with setting the noise limits and recommending any upgrades with a professional and conscientious acoustic report to submit to Council.

For music noise monitoring please visit our noise monitoring page.

Our project experience includes:

  • Live music venues
  • Monitoring of live events
  • Churches and auditoriums
  • Residential dwellings and apartments near existing venues
  • Cafes and restaurants with background music
  • Pubs, taverns, and clubs near existing residential dwellings
  • Patron noise calculation for beer gardens and outdoor areas

Room Acoustics

Musical acoustics familiarity is an essential component to preserve when studying its effects in a recording studio, theatre, auditorium, or school music hall etc. We appreciate the diverse emotional impressions one can experience at any given performance or recording session and the connection the music can craft between artistic performers and audience members.

Our project experience includes:

  • Auditoriums and concert halls, theatres and cinemas
  • Music rooms, studio facilities
  • Retail, educational and commercial developments

Areas of work include:

  • Acoustic privacy for speech and music
  • Acoustic design of spaces
  • Advanced 3D modelling of room acoustics
  • Liquor Licensing (OLGR) amplified entertainment assessments
  • Monitoring of music or other entertainment festivals
  • Studio design
  • Control of external noise intrusion
  • Control of reverberation
  • Design for refraction, bass traps, and soundproofing

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