Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise

Community and Environmental Noise

Environmental noise is generally defined as an unwanted loud sound in an environment that can interfere with normal activities such as sleep conversation. These noise emissions are likely to cause annoyance or have a potential health impact. Environmental noise may include noise from transportation including traffic or aircraft. However the main focus is predominantly on industry, music venues and private or commercial mechanical plant.

A&AS can undertake measurements of unwanted noise emissions and set noise limits as per the appropriate EPA legislation, guidelines or Australian and international Standards.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to measure and monitor noise at your home or for your project.

We can provide you with an acoustic report for submission to your state or local authority. The acoustic report can assist you with your project or planning permit submission.

We can also test and monitor compliance with the relative legislation by use of unmanned noise loggers with audio and spectral analysis capabilities. This will provide real-time data on how loud a noise was, for what duration and at what time of the day or night.

Our areas of environmental noise assessments include:

  • Music venues
  • Bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants
  • Places of worship
  • Wind farms
  • Residential noise
  • HVAC, Air conditioning and evaporative coolers
  • Mines
  • Commercial / industrial

Our Services include the following:

  • Onsite noise measurement
  • Long- and short-term noise logging including audio and octave band analysis
  • Noise impact assessments for proposed developments (industrial, commercial, trade)
  • Computer noise modelling and prediction of noise levels received at noise sensitive areas such as residential dwellings
  • Sleep disturbance studies
  • Construction noise and vibration management
  • Cost effective noise management solutions
  • Noise and vibration modelling
  • Expert witness in town planning tribunal or court hearings
  • Peer review of external acoustic reports
  • Environmental noise management

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