Noise in Apartments

Building Code Compliance

Building Acoustics Testing and Assessments of Noise in Apartments

The National Construction Code (NCC) provides technical provisions and requirements for building code compliance regarding noise in apartments and commercial situations.

A particular focus of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) covers noise between apartments or townhouses and also from any associated services such as wastewater, plant rooms, car stackers and lift shafts. An issue may arise where audibility of everyday living is unusually loud. Or for example some services emanating from another dwelling such as flushing of toilets, running of showers or noise from storm-water pipes may be excessively loud within a bedroom or living space.

The intent of the BCA is to provide sufficient insulation against the transmission of airborne and impact sound to prevent illness or loss of amenity to building occupants.

However, with the complexities of today’s’ high density living and multi tenancy developments the BCA can be hard to navigate with it’s one size fits all approach.

With cafe’s and gyms under apartments or dwellings with common areas and basement carparks, all of a sudden you may have a very custom application that may require performance solutions or a very personalised approach.

A&AS can provide an acoustic engineering review of your proposed drawings and construction details. We can assist in finding the best and most cost-effective solution for wall and ceiling types and any other services including HVAC systems, lift shafts or storm water.

If you find that existing constructions are not performing as expected or planning on renovating and existing dwelling and need Owners Corporation approval please get in touch. Our acoustic engineers can test noise from services, walls and floor/ceiling systems regarding compliance with the BCA or adopted Owners Corp criteria.

Our services include:

  • Review of proposed wall and floor/ceiling systems and consulting on products and materials.
  • Advice on minimum requirements with consideration to the BCA performance requirements.
  • Provisions of Performance Solutions for custom systems.
  • Site testing to determination of the sound insulation of constructed partitions, including airborne sound transmission (DnT,w) and impact sound transmission (LnT,w).

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