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Are you looking for Onsite Audiometric Testing and Acoustic Consultants in Melbourne, Victoria or lower New South Wales? Call your local experts at Audiometric & Acoustic Services. Our extensive knowledge and experience is based on more than 37 years’ local experience.

Established in 1986, the firm has extensive experience in the measurement, analysis and control of sound, air quality management and OH&S hearing testing.

The acoustic engineering team can assist you in planning and design for noise control as part of the planning permit process for new and expanding businesses.

We can assess undesirable noise and assist in gaining compliance with the relevant Building Codes, Legislation or Guidelines. Acoustic reports suitable for submission to your Council, court proceedings or and other relevant parties can be provided at an affordable price.

In addition, our university qualified Audiometrists can attend your workplace and provide on-site hearing tests 24/7 by with minimal disruption to your operations.

Contact Audiometric & Acoustical Consulting Services today to discuss how we help you. Call us on 03 9817 5517 or email [email protected] with any questions.

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