Residential Noise

Residential Noise

Noisy Air Conditioner or Noisy Pool Pump?

Are you annoyed by residential noise? Perhaps a noisy air conditioner or excessive pool pump noise?

The first step is to talk to your neighbours and discuss the issues you are having and try and come to an amicable solution. At times, your neighbour may not be aware they are causing any disturbance.

Your local Council will likely ask that you complete a diary of events regarding the intensity and when / how often the noise occurs and make an aural assessment as to whether the noise is unreasonable.

The difficulty that arises is that the time the noise occurs is not always easily predicted and your Council member may turn up when the noise is not occurring.

Using manned and unmanned noise logging devices with audio capabilities our team can provide a report that defines when and for how long the noise occurred and how loud it was.

By applying the EPA Legislation and Guidelines for residential noise our staff can set noise limits and quantify the noise. Using our precision equipment, we are able to provide evidence of the noise operating during prohibited times and exceeding any limits or criterion.

The acoustic report can then be submitted to Council and or any other parties or Court / VCAT proceedings.

Expert witness needs are met with appearances at VCAT and Court appearances as required.

Acoustic reports conducted by Audiometric & Acoustic Services are in line with the requirements of Victorian EPA Environment Protection Act 2017, Environment Protection Regulations 2021 and other applicable guidelines.

A&AS provide prompt noise and vibration monitoring services to Melbourne, Victoria, and New South Wales.

Our areas of residential and environmental noise assessments include:

  • Music venues
  • Patron noise
  • Bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants
  • Places of worship
  • HVAC, Air conditioning and evaporative coolers
  • Construction noise
  • Acoustic assessment of Pool pumps, HVAC and evaporative coolers
  • Power tools
  • Musical instrument or amplified stereo
  • Recommendations for soundproofing of mechanical plant such as pool pumps, AC condensers and hydronic heating units

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